Prevent Tooth lossPREVENTIVE DENTAL CARE IS SO IMPORTANT. While some dental care may seem overly obvious, here are some basics that can make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

#1 – A little goes a long way at our office.

Devoting small amounts of attention to your teeth and gums (seeing us a couple of times a year) will help you keep your smile for your entire life. We want you to be proud of your teeth every time you smile!


#2 – A little REALLY does go a long way at home too.

Don’t worry—at Comfort Dental we understand some things can’t be prevented.  If you bite into an apple and loose part of a filling our dentists will be right here to help.  

Aside from the unforeseen, the BIGGEST FACTOR in your oral health is simple maintenance.  Daily maintenance through proper brushing (for at least 2-3 minutes) AND flossing techniques not only improve your smile, they dramatically reduce your risk of gum disease.

Need help teaching your children healthy dental habits? Check out this recent post.

#3 – It isn’t just about the way you look—it’s also about your health & how you feel.

Studies continue to link your oral health to your overall health, making a visit to Comfort Dental just as important as visiting your family doctor!

Educating our patients about diseases associated with our mouths – like oral cancer and gum disease – is a mission of our office.  Many don’t realize other health issues, like diabetes and pregnancy, can make one more susceptible to gum disease.

Visiting the dentist can help catch larger problems before they get out of hand—problems you may not even realize exist.

Whoopi Goldberg does a great job of explaining her experience with gum disease and tooth loss. Check out this video for important prevention information in her words:

Simple steps can make such a difference. If you have questions about preventive dental care or gum disease, please let us know with Ask the Dentists or at your next visit. We want to help keep you healthy!