parent's impact on dental healthIF YOU’RE A PARENT, YOU INTUITIVELY UNDERSTAND your children look to you as they form their own early opinions about life and all of its complexities.

This principle applies to the things you believe and priorities you value. Kids ride piggyback on many of our opinions until they grow old enough to adapt, interpret, and challenge those beliefs on their own.

So, how does this notion relate to dentistry?

Here at Comfort Dental we believe the best way to help your children understand the importance of oral health and make it a priority in their lives is to get them in the habit of seeing the dentist when they’re young.

Kids whose parents start taking them to the dentist at an early age have much better oral health in the long run.

As parents it’s our obligation to make sure our children are getting the best oral health care and education possible to help ensure they keep healthy smiles for life.

Here at Comfort Dental, Dr. Brucken, Dr. Stubbs and the rest of our team know that preventive care is much less costly than restorative care, like fillings, root canals & crowns.

Sometimes, people don’t look at regular preventive care this way, yet it’s an important principle to teach our children. Indeed, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

You can also help your children understand the benefits of a healthy smile, and having a mouth free of pain and hassle. If children hear a parent disparaging dental care they may start putting up a fight when it’s time for the next cleaning appointment.

Life long dental healthOur office begins to see our young patients at age 6. While a visit to a pediatric dentist is recommended starting as early as a year.

Early visits to the dentist help prevent future problems with tooth decay and gum disease—and perhaps most importantly, help your children become accustomed to visiting the dentist regularly so they won’t be hesitant in the future.

These visits also show your kids that oral health is important to YOU, and that it’s a high priority.  What a wonderful gift to give our kids: a healthy mouth and teeth for a lifetime.

Thank you to all the families that put their trust in our office. We appreciate all of the feedback you have taken time to share with us.  We look forward to seeing you soon!