Top 10 Foods for TeethWE ARE OFTEN TOLD CERTAIN FOODS OR DRINKS ARE BAD for our teeth.  Well, on the flip side there are both foods and drinks that promote dental health. put together a top 10 list & Comfort Dental would like to share these tasty, smile enhancing options with you.

Top 10 Foods Good for Your Teeth:

  1. Cheese Calcium, phosphorous, and proteins in cheese may also help remineralize damaged tooth enamel. While the mechanism is not completely understood, numerous studies have shown that eating cheese after eating a sugary snack greatly reduces the damage to your teeth. Cheese tends to increase the amount of saliva in your mouth, which helps keep cavities at bay. Cheese can also help neutralize the acid that bacteria produce.
  2. foods good for your teethGreen Tea contains polyphenol, an antioxidant plant compounds that reduces plaque and helps reduce tooth decay and gum disease. Tea may also help reduce bad breath. Tooth enamel is also strengthened because green tea naturally contains fluoride which promotes healthy teeth.
  3. Milk and Yogurt are good for teeth because they contain low acidity, which means less wearing of teeth. They are also low in decay-inducing sugar. Milk is a good source of calcium, the main component of teeth and bones.
  4. Fruits such as apples, strawberries and kiwis contain Vitamin C. This vitamin isfoods good for your teeth considered the element that holds cells together. If this vitamin is neglected, gum cells can break down, making gums tender and susceptible to disease.
  5. Vegetables containing Vitamin A, such as pumpkins, carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli, are necessary for the formation of tooth enamel. Crunchy vegetables may also help clean gums.
  6. Onions contain antibacterial sulfur compounds. Tests show that onions kill various types of bacteria, especially when eaten raw.
  7. Celery protects teeth by producing saliva which neutralizes acid that causes demineralization and tooth decay. It also massages the teeth and gums.
  8. Sesame seeds reduce plaque and help build tooth enamel. They are also very high in calcium.
  9. Meat and Eggs contain phosphorus, especially beef, chicken, turkey, and eggs. Phosphorus, with calcium, is one of the two most vital minerals of teeth and bone.
  10. healthy dental habitsWater cleans the mouth and produces saliva that deposits essential minerals into the teeth. It keeps gums hydrated and washes away particles from the teeth.


Paying attention to your diet, as well as consistently brushing and flossing teeth, are all important factors in maintaining a healthy smile.  Dr Brucken and Dr. Stubbs want to remind you that although warning about certain foods and drinks having a detrimental effect on teeth is valid, there are also tasty choices that promote dental health.

As a final note, while we appreciate the beneficial compounds found in raw onions mentioned above, we also recognize this food choice may not always be appreciated by those closely around you. We hope you found this list interesting and hope to see you soon!