Teeth Whitening

The Answer for Yellowing Teeth

Professional Dental Whitening – See the Difference

Whiter teeth can make a dramatic difference in your smile. The best part – it is a simple and relatively quick process with lasting results.

The difference in the whitening solution prescribed for you in at Comfort Dental vs. an over-the-counter whitening product is the dental office product has a higher concentration and can offer a more uniform & faster result.

Comfort Dental Teeth Whitening Process – 3 Easy Steps:

  1. An in-office, high concentration whitening solution is applied directly to your teeth.  We do this during a one hour office-visit providing you with immediate results.
  2. Dental impressions are taken of your teeth & custom trays are made specifically for your mouth.
  3. Finally, you use your custom trays & take home, professional grade whitening solution for 15 minutes per day for 2 weeks.

BUILD-UP OR STAIN?When Whitening is NOT the Answer
Tooth Staining, Tooth WhiteningSurface Staining on Enamel – A Separate Issue, Not Helped by Whitening Solution
Surface staining can also contribute to tooth discoloration. Calculus and tarter build-up on teeth make teeth appear darker and once removed will cause the teeth to appear lighter. 

Ensuring your teeth do not have surface stains or build-up is another great way to improve the look of your teeth& help ensure you have a healthy mouth.  Regular professional cleanings & screenings for gingivitis & periodontal disease are essential steps for great looking teeth. We have four great hygienists in our office who could also help make an immediate difference in your smile.

teeth whiteningTooth whitening impacts the internal (dentin) staining of the tooth and works by passing through the enamel to lighten the dentin.  Light passes through the tooth enamel and reflects off the dentin impacting how white your teeth appear.


Dental Shade GuideHow White Can I Expect My Teeth to Get?  You can expect to have 4 to 8 shades lighter depending on your starting point.  Brown and yellow shades respond more dramatically, whereas gray shades normally have a more modest change.

How Often Does Professional Whitening Need Redone?  You may expect to re-whiten your teeth once a year or every other year.  A booster kit of professional grade at home solution can be purchased at a minimal cost for one or two weeks with your custom trays.

Will My Teeth Be Sensitive?  Maybe, some short-term sensitivity may be expected and can be managed with fluoride toothpaste and/or fluoride rinse and typically resolves in one to two days.

If you have additional questions about teeth whitening, please let us know. We are here to help!