Cosmetic proportion

At Comfort Dental, Dr. Randall Brucken and Dr. Lawrence Stubbs do not take changes to your appearance lightly – in fact, it is a combination of art and science.

Sometimes artfully executed small steps can make dramatically visible changes to your smile, your dental health and consequently your well-being.

We know how you feel has a lot to do with how you look and vice versa.

Both Dr. Brucken and Dr. Stubbs place a great emphasis and continuing education on ensuring they use the best techniques to get the best cosmetic results with any dental procedure. 

Paying close attention to proportion is integral.

Have you ever thought about all the components that go into a great smile?

Devine Proportion teethDr. Brucken and Dr. Stubbs starts with an analysis of your smile – which is crucial to the process of cosmetic enhancement and change. This analysis is not “extra” – it is a foundation of making recommendations and improving your smile.

Also note, this analysis and attention to detail is important whether you are getting a single crown or making over your smile.

There are multiple elements and principles used to ensure you get great results. For example, we must focus on:

      • Teeth in all their various aspects, shapes, colors and sizes
      • Gum health and gum line, framing the teeth and smile
      • Tooth alignment, spacing and bite
      • Jaw relations upper to lower
      • And all this within the context of the big picture — your face, including eyes, lips, skin and more.


In some cases, design techniques include tooth lengthening or shortening. Veneers are also considered sometimes to widen your teeth or broaden your smile. Crowns can bring subtle, yet totally different dimensions to your facial proportions.

Most people are surprised with the stunning difference even the smallest adjustments can make. It really is science and art coming together.

Take a few minutes, look into a mirror & ask yourself the following questions:

      • Can I draw a vertical line from my pupil to a corner of my mouth?
      • Does my face divide horizontally into thirds?
      • Does the lower third of my face divide into thirds again (from nose to chin)?
      • Does my face divide into fifths vertically (5 times the width of one eye)?


Cosmetic & restorative dental procedures are absolutely worth the investment in altering or restoring the ideal proportions for your own physical characteristics.

There’s nothing more fulfilling for our team, than witnessing the often life-changing transformation that takes place for many of our patients through smile makeovers.


How would your life change if you had a perfect smile? What would this change do to your self-confidence?

If you are curious to figure out the answers to these questions, come in and talk to us!