Dental Implant

Dental Implant

You may understand dental implants are a great solution for tooth loss.  How  is the process is accomplished?


  1. Lafayette DentistsInserting small titanium posts into the jaw in an effort to replicate the concept of “root structure” to add stability to a denture, bridge, or crown.
  2. Next involves several weeks of healing so these small implant “posts” can fuse with your bone and produce a strong anchor.


FOLLOW-UPA temporary crown or healing cap is often worn above the implant during the healing time until you are ready for your custom-made crown, bridge, or denture to be securely attached to the small metal post.

This process allows for a long-lasting, natural-looking, AND beautiful smile!

Dental Implant Benefits:

You May Forget you Lost a Tooth – Dental implants are so natural-looking and feeling.  Also, dental implants are just as easy to brush and floss as natural teeth.

You will Enjoy Eating Again – Anchored in the bone, dental implants can provide biting force similar to natural teeth & help with stabilizing dentures.  Chewing difficulty can be eliminated.

You Won’t Hide Your Smile – You know your confidence about your teeth affects how you feel about yourself, both personally and professionally. No more hiding your smile because of spaces from missing teeth.

You’ll Save Your Healthy Surrounding Teeth – Typically, adjacent teeth are not altered or harmed in any way.

Your Permanent Solution – Your implants can last a lifetime!

Very High Success Rate – With a 95% success rate, dental implants are one of the most successful options available for replacing missing teeth. 

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