Dental warning signsYOU MAY HAVE NOTICED a minor dental concern for a while OR maybe you have pain or discomfort that is nagging.

In our busy schedules often we can try to find excuses not to pick up the phone to schedule a doctor or dental appointment.

Save yourself further discomfort now – and time and money in the future.

Here are ten simple dental warning signs that should not be ignored. If you or a friend are experiencing any of the following, Comfort Dental is here to help!

  1. Unusual sensitivity to hot, cold, pressure or when you eat something sweet
  2. Infection, swelling, loosening or pain radiating from your teeth
  3. Changes in the alignment of your top & bottom teeth, wear from grinding or jaw pain
  4. Bleeding of your gums when you brush or floss your teeth
  5. Tender, swollen gums
  6. Gum tissue that is pulling away from teeth
  7. Recurrent bad breath or an unusual taste in your mouth
  8. Wisdom teeth sensitivity, such as when they start to break through the gum tissue
  9. If you’ve had an accident and chipped or broken part of a tooth
  10. If you’ve been told in the past you have cavities – remember they don’t heal & can only get deeper or cover more of the tooth surface

Dental Warning SignsDo Any of These 10 Dental Warning Signs Sound Familiar?

Addressing simple warning signs make sense not only to your health – also to your wallet. While it can be easy to put off making the call, don’t let fear or procrastination hold you back.

FACT: Having a caring Lafayette dentist you know, trust & feel comfortable with – as well as a caring staff – can make all the difference in your experience.

So, whether you have been to the dentist for regular visits or you can’t remember the last time you’ve had a dental xray – Comfort Dental is here to help you alleviate your dental warning signs.

Patients at Comfort Dental benefit from the straight-forward, honest approach that both Dr. Randall Brucken and Dr. Lawrence Stubbs take as they help their patients maintain healthy smiles for a lifetime. Our goal is that you have a great dental experience and incredible care.