Don’t Let Dental Fear Get in the Way of Your Healthy Smile


  • 11.7% of the respondents reported high dental fear
  • 17.5% reported moderate dental fear
  • 36.5% of those surveyed had not been to the dentist in over a year
  • 15.5% of the respondents surveyed had some degree of dental fear and were dental avoiders

Overcome Dental Fear


  • Perhaps you have had previous negative experience with a dental procedure or dentist.  
  • Maybe you just don’t like having a dentist or hygienist in such close proximity to your face.  
  • Some people feel anxiety over the lack of control they have while they’re lying back in the chair.

SIMPLY PUT: The best way to alleviate your dental fear is to TELL Dr. Brucken or Dr. Stubbs, or a team member, about your worries. We all care and understand!

Dental Fear Help

.The more we know about your anxiety, the more our team can do to help you feel welcome and at home. We want to know!  Really, tell us!


YOU MAY BE A CANDIDATE for oral sedation or nitrous oxide as a way overcome your dental anxiety.

FIVE MORE TIPS you can follow yourself to ease YOUR OWN stress or dental fear:Music Reduces Dental Anxiety

  • Avoid caffeinated beverages, as these can increase your feelings of nervousness.
  • Avoid high-stress traffic situations by arriving early to your appointment.
  • Breathe deeply during appointment. By breathing deeply, you can help yourself stay calm and relaxed while our team helps your smile.
  • Ask questions – we want you to be very informed. We know the more you know the less afraid you have to feel about your own oral care.
  • Bring along your favorite music & headphones! Some patients find listening to music helps soothe them right through their visit.

OUR GOAL AT COMFORT DENTAL is that you have a great dental experience and incredible care.

We want you to be healthy and strong!   So, if you struggle with tight spaces or want to understand what we’re doing in your mouth, it’s OK to let us know.  In fact, we WANT you to tell us because it helps us help you.

We’re happy to explain each dental tool before we use it, and give you extra chances to swish.  We will even try to stop asking you questions while you have all that stuff in your mouth!